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Notice for China-bound Travelers
2022-12-28 17:48

Starting from January 8th, 2023, China-bound travelers are required to take one PCR test within 48 hours before departure and submit the NEGATIVE test result to China Customs by filling the Health Declaration Form on Wechat mini-program of China Customs (the QR code below) or on China Customs APP or through the link(https://htdecl.chinaport.gov.cn/htdeclweb/home/pages/healthDeclare/declare.html).

Please be noted that travelers with positive PCR test results should travel to China only after the PCR result is NEGATIVE, and that starting from January 8th, 2023,the Green Health Code issued by Office of China to Palestine is NOT required for travelling to China.

Office of China to Palestine reminds all China-bound travelersto take responsibility for their health, and use precautionary measures for self-protection.