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Xi Jinping Speaks with European Council President Charles Michel on the Phone
2021-10-15 20:32

On October 15, 2021, President Xi Jinping had a phone conversation with European Council President Charles Michel.

Xi Jinping pointed out that with new changes in the international situation since the beginning of this year, China-EU relations are also facing new issues. China and the EU are two major independent forces, and also comprehensive strategic partners. It is necessary for the two sides to strengthen strategic communication and jointly advance the sound and steady development of China-EU relations, which is in line with the common interests of China and the EU.

Xi Jinping emphasized that China and the EU should have correct mutual conception, adhere to dialogue and cooperation, mutual respect and a mutually beneficial win-win approach. The two sides should deepen policy communication in green and digital fields, broaden the areas of pragmatic cooperation, actively align the Belt and Road Initiative and EU's initiative on global connectivity, and strengthen communication and cooperation on climate change, biodiversity protection and other issues. China welcomes the EU and its member states to actively participate in the Global Development Initiative, and join hands with China and other countries to help developing countries achieve the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at an early date.

Xi Jinping stressed that with differences between China and the EU in history, culture, social system and development stage, it is not surprising that there are some competitions, divergences and differences, which should be resolved through dialogue and negotiation. China is always sincere in developing China-EU relations, and at the same time will resolutely safeguard its own sovereignty, security and development interests. China hopes that the EU adheres to strategic independence, tells right from wrong, and works with China to push forward the development of China-EU cooperation.

Michel said that recent dynamics in the international landscape made it clearer to the EU and its member states the importance of strengthening strategic independence. Despite the differences in political system and development pattern between the EU and China, both sides support multilateralism, and should carry out cooperation in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, advancing economic recovery, addressing climate change and maintaining regional peace and stability. To continue to develop EU-China strategic partnership is in the common interest of the people of both sides. The EU stands ready to enhance dialogue and engagement with China in the spirit of mutual respect, and manage differences effectively and properly. The EU abides by the one-China policy, and has never changed its policies concerning Taiwan. The EU will be committed to strategic independence in dealing with international affairs. The EU is willing to deepen pragmatic cooperation with China in green economy, digital economy and other fields, carry out communication and cooperation on the Global Development Initiative, and maintain close communication and coordination on major international issues.

Michel introduced the EU's views on the situation in Afghanistan. Xi Jinping emphasized that China respects the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, respects the independence of all countries in choosing their development path and system, and advocates coexistence and mutual learning among different civilizations. China has been playing a constructive role in the political settlement of the Afghan issue, and the international community should create a sound external environment for the peace and reconstruction of Afghanistan.